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Integrated Building Platform

Buildings have many disparate systems all performing critical functions within them; HVAC, security, space utilisation, fire, maintenance, vertical transport and energy to name just a few.  These networked building systems operate as siloed applications with varying degrees of interconnectivity.  Edge Semantics designs solutions that provide simple and easy to maintain structured data, allowing buildings to perform optimally.  


Annexx is an Integrated Building Platform built with Semantic Web technology that unifies and manages disparate system data into a single Metadata layer. Traditional integration is performed at the application layer to facilitate its specific requirements and operation. Unfortunately, this locks the data to that proprietary application. 


Annexx separates metadata management from the application layer, meaning data is managed at site level. This allows any number of applications to use the data to provide Business Intelligence without the complexity of extracting, managing and maintaining the data.

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Annexx SPG

Annexx SPG (Single Pane of Glass) provides a single user interface for all connected data. Unlike traditional user interfaces, Annexx SPG automatically creates graphics from the user’s query, meaning there are no fixed-data webpages. The displays operate in the same way as a Web-browser search engine; enter the search request, apply additional filters if needed, and the page displayed is instantly.

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Search Result Filtered Detailed - Croppe
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Real-time Data Export API

Annexx provides real-time data to 3rd party software applications. Annexx structures disparate system data into a unified RDF dataset for streaming via a live API.



Get in touch with us today to find out how Edge Semantics can help find the perfect solution for your building.

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