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Niagara Modules

The Niagara Framework is a powerful open platform integration tool, used for building systems integration. As a Tridium Development Partner, Edge Semantics has developed a number of powerful Niagara modules for use in the built environment.


Google Docs Driver

Connects to Google services and allows for reading and writing to Google Sheets.

Google Calendar Driver

Connects to Google services and reads schedules from Google Calendars.

Syllabus Room Booking System Driver

Automatically recognises room bookings via Syllabus+, allowing plant and equipment to be scheduled accordingly.

After Hours Tenant Management

Manages after-hours tenant activity by providing user accounts, requests, reporting and billing.

Kinesis Driver

Exports building data to Kinesis in the correct format for simple integration.

Vaisala Weather Station Driver

Reads Vaisala weather station data via a RS232 connection.

Bureau of Meteorology Driver

Extracts weather forecast data from the Bureau of Meteorology to allow optimised HVAC control based on forecasted weather.

Merlon Nurse Call Driver

Allows the Building Automation System to send alarms to be displayed on Hills Merlon nurse call displays.

Clevertronics Emergency and Exit Light Driver

Automatically tests and monitors networked equipment. 



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